Regigigas Pokemon Mini Action Figure

Well I have introduced some really cool Pokemon Action Figures in the past. This not only included the famous and the good guys Misty and Ash Pokemon Action Figures as well as Brock together with his Sudowoodo and Croagunk, but also the bad guys like James and Jessie Pokemon Action Figures. In this post of my Pokemon Action Figures Blog, I have decided to write a post on a Pokemon Mini Action Figure, and this is none other than the Regigigas Pokemon Mini Action Figure.
Regigigas Pokemon Mini Action Figure

Regigigas Pokemon Mini Action Figure

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The above Regigigas Pokemon Mini Action Figure is from the Japanese Takara TOMY Pokemon Monster Collection, which is the only collection that features every Pokemon ever made! Each figure is about 2" in size (sizes vary between 1.5 to 2 inches) and PVC in material. They are beautifully crafted virtually not available in the US market. The Regigigas Pokemon Mini Action Figure is brand new and sealed in Japanese Takara TOMY packaging and meant for kids aged 7 and above and of course Pokemon collectors, fans and fanatics!

Now just to provide some background on Regigigas. Regigigas is a Normal-type Legendary Pokémon. It has no evolutionary forms, neither is it known to evolve into any other Pokémon, though it is only awakened when the three other Regi Pokémon, Regice, Registeel, and Regirock, are present. Regigigas is a very big pokemon and is the master of Hoenn's legendary golems.

So it is without doubt that Regigigas looks like the other Regis Pokemons. Regigigas has six spots or gemstones on its front body. These gemstones represent the three other Regis Pokemons: red gems for Regirock, blue gems for Regice and the silver gems for Registeel. Similar to the other Regis as well, Regigigas has a golem-like shape with long arms and short legs. Its limbs and body are covered in black stripes, with some gold plates scattered on its body and if you observe closely there is some moss growing on its back and feet, most likely to show that Regigigas has been asleep for a long time. However, unlike the other Regi Pokémon, Regigias has no specific element associated with it.

Regigigas resides in the Snowpoint Temple and it was sealed away to protect the people. Regigigas has an extremely high attack stat, and combined with its colossal strength, it is said that this Pokemon can move continents. Regigigas is can communicate via telepathy and is capable of controlling the legendary golems, even if they already belong to a pokemon trainer.

In the Pokemon Anime, Regigigas appears in the 11th Pokemon movie, Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Zero (the main antagonist in the movie who wished to use Giratina's power to travel freely between dimensions) entered the Reverse World (this is the alternate universe directly opposite the Pokémon world and the world where Giratina resides) and began destroying the ice pillars, awakening Regigigas' from his sleep. When Dawn's pokemon failed to stop the icebergs with the help of a large group of wild Pokémon, Regigigas appeared together with a herd of Mamoswine and together, they pushed the glacier, held it back and prevented it from falling. (If you are interested to find out more about Dawn or maybe purchase the one and only Dawn Pokemon Action Figure, I would suggest that you go to my post on the Dawn Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Action Figure Trainer Set here.) Unfortunately, they were unable to hold up the ice block and it was only when Giratina healed the broken ice pillars that the glacier stopped. Regigigas returned to its temple at the end of the movie, where it is seen using Hyper Beam on Team Rocket during the credits.

Hope that the above summary proved useful and that you might be interested to buy the Regigigas Pokemon Mini Action Figure. Anyways tune in next time to the Pokemon Action Figure Blog for even more Pokemon Mini Action Figures!

Regigigas Pokemon Mini Action Figure

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