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Pikachu Pocket Monsters Collector's Figure 3-Pack
To all my fans of the Pokemon Action Figures Blog, I have just realised that I have missed out a very important Pokemon that should have a post of its own. To give you a hint, this pokemon belongs to the trainer Ash Ketchum (you can look for the Ash Ketchum Pokemon Action Figure here). Furthermore to be in line with the Pokemon Anime Series, a new Nintendo Pokemon gameboy game was created just for this pokemon, since in the Pokemon anime series, Ash Ketchum started out with this Pokemon instead of the other pokemon which you can choose from. (Pokemon Red and Blue were the original Gameboy games while the newly created one was Pokemon Yellow. This is a big clue the pokemon is yellow in colour!)
Well, ok I am trying to be silling here, because if you look at the title of this post, you would already know that I am talking about Pikachu Pokemon Action Figures! Check out the cute Pikachu Pokemon Action Figures below. I know that there are many kids and Pokemon fans who love and adore Pikachu so I have decided to include a post on Pikachu Pokemon Action Figures. That is not all. Instead of one Pikachu action figure, I decided to write about a 3-figure pack of Pikachus. And it is also one of the most popular Pikachu action figures being sold online! Not only is it imported from Japan and not sold in U.S. shops but they are also brand new and sealed in original Japanese packaging. Check those Pikachus pokemon action figures out.

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Ash's Pikachu was the first Pokémon obtained by Ash. You can say that Pikachu was his constant pokemon companion as Ash went on his journey to be the best Pokémon Trainer. In the first episode of the Pokemon Anime, Ash Ketchum receives his Pikachu from Professor Oak as his starting Pokémon. All new trainers are given a starting Pokémon to aid them in their journey. Like Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red, the starting pokemon is usually Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. However, Ash slept in and thus got Pikachu instead. Hence Pokemon Yellow was created where you can be like Ash and start out with Pikachu.

At the beginning, Pikachu largely ignored Ash's requests. Pikachu even shocked him frequently and refusd to be confined to the normal method of Pokémon transportation, which is through a Poké Ball. However, it was true friendship which finally got Pikachu to Ash's side. There was one pokemon anime episode where Ash puts himself in danger to defend Pikachu from a flock of wild Spearow and even rushed Pikachu to the nearest Pokémon Center. But since Pikachu still refused to travel in the Poke Ball, Ash had no choice but to allow Pikachu to travel alongside him and sometimes on his shoulder. While the behaviour of this Pikachu is unique and special, Ash's Pikachu is also more powerful than other normal Pikachus.

Needless to say, Pikachu is one of the most popular pokemon there is out there. So if you are a Pokemon fan, it would not make sense if you do not have a Pikachu Pokemon Action Figure. Tune in to my Pokemon Action Figures blog for more posts on cool Pokemon Action Figures!
Pokemon Action Figures - Pocket Monsters Collector's Figure 3-Pack

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