Dawn and Buneary Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action Figures Trainer Set

Hello my dear Pokemon Action Figure Blog readers! Welcome to yet another post of my Pokemon Action Figures Blog. This time, I am going to introduce to you another Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action Figures Trainer Set which belongs to Dawn and Buneary! Previously, I have already introduced to you two other Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action Figures Trainer Sets belonging to Brock, one with Brock and Sudowoodo and the other is Brock with Croagunk. You can view the Brock Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action Figures Trainer Sets here if you have not seen them.

Now back to Dawn and her Buneary. Before I talk further, perhaps you would want to take a look at the Dawn and Buneary Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action Figures Trainer Set. Check out the babe Dawn and her hot pokemon Buneary! They both come in this exclusive Pokemon Action Figures Trainer set shown below. I have also found out that this is the only available Dawn Pokemon Action Figure in the whole universe! Ok maybe not universe but on earth. So if you are mega Pokemon fan and you simply adore Dawn too, this is the only Dawn Action Figure available. So you do not need to think twice if you are looking for a Dawn Pokemon Action Figure.

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Dawn Pokemon Action Figure
If you are an old pokemon fan and not been keeping in touch with Pokemon news, then perhaps you may not know who Dawn is as she only appeared in the Pokemon anime quite late in the series. To give a short introduction to Dawn, she only appears in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Animes which is Season 10 of the Pokemon series. Dawn is a 10 year old girl who lives in the region of Sinnoh (Sinnoh is a large region that is the setting for the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games. It is located far North of the Kanto/Johto landmass and contains a large amount of towns and cities). For her, she aspires to be a great Pokemon Coordinator as she wants to follow in her mother's footsteps (contrast this with Ash's desire to the the greatest Pokemon Trainer while Brock wants to be the greatest Pokemon Breeder).

At the beginning of the episode, Dawn goes to the Pokémon Laboratory in Sandgem Town to get her starter Pokémon. She meets Professor Rowan on the way to the Lab and she gets her first Pokémon which is a Piplup. In the meanwhile, Ash arrives in Sinnoh by ship, but he loses Pikachu in a forest as he had a battle with Team Rocket. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Dawn subsequently meets up with Ash and Brock. During the adventures of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, she becomes rivals with another coordinator, Zoey, as well as her childhood friend, Kenny. She even goes on to win the Floaroma Ribbon, the Wallace Cup's Aqua Ribbon, the Celestic Ribbon and the Chocovine Town Ribbon. These are all contests for Pokemon Coordinators. Well seriously, I did not watch Pokemon Diamond and Pearl but it sure sounds interesting!
Buneary Pokemon Action Figure
Take one look at the Buneary pokemon and any smart Pokemon fan will know that this pokemon is actually based on the rabbit. Buneary are small furry mammalian Pokémon bunnies with long ears, hence its name, which comes from the words bunny and eary, which means its ears of course. Do not belittle the ears of the Buneary pokemon as they can pack a punch when rolled up like buns to deliver punches. Like bunnies, they also have impressive jumping ability. Anyways, Buneary is a Normal-type Pokémon which evolves into Lopunny via Happiness. The fur of the Buneary is mostly brown, but some areas on the ears, feet, and underbelly are lighter in tone. Buneary can only be found in Eterna Forest.
In the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Anime, Buneary made its first appearance in "Following a Maiden's Voyage". Subsequently, in "Two Degrees of Separation!", Dawn tried to catch a Buneary but failed. Finally, Dawn catches a Buneary in the episode "Setting The World On Its Buneary". Very interesting, this Buneary has a crush on Ash's Pikachu! Like I mentioned, I have not watched Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Anime hence I do not know if any love stories develop between the two pokemons, and I am also not sure if any love stories develop between Ash and Dawn!

Well hope this post has spurred greater interest in the Pokemon Action Figure in you and made you want to buy more Pokemon Action Figure. In my future posts, I will not only touch upon more Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action figures but also more Pokemon Mini Action Figures. Do stay tuned to my Pokemon Action Figures Blog for more updates on Pokemon Action Figures!
Pokemon Action Figures - Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Exclusive Deluxe Action Figure Trainer Set Dawn and Buneary

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