Brock, Sudowoo & Croagunk Pokemon Action Figures

Brock, Sudowoodo & Croagunk Pokemon Action Figures

In my previous Pokemon Action Figures post, I have not only talked about Ash and Misty Pokemon Action Figures and also the infamous Team Rocket Jessie and James Pokemon Action Figures, and even further back, I have also talked about some Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action Figures. For this post of mine, I am going to introduce to you yet another famous character that you should get a Pokemon Action Figure. He is from the good side and one of Ash Ketchum's good pals. He is none other than Brock! And to top it off, the Brock Pokemon Action Figure is packaged together with other Pokemon from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Action Figures series! Now is that cool or what?
First of all, let me show you this amazingly cool set of Pokemon Action Figures. This Pokemon Action Figures Toys Set actually consists of two Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Trainer Set Action Figures and includes two Brocks, 1 Sudowoo Pokemon Action Figure and 1 Croagunk Pokemon Action Figure. Do not ask me who would want to buy 2 Brocks, but you can actually buy these two Pokemon Action Figure Trainer Sets as two separate Pokemon sets. Well anyways here is the Brock, Sudowoo & Croagunk Pokemon Action Figures Trainer Set.

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Brock Pokemon Action Figure

Let me first give an introduction to the Brock Pokemon Action Figure. Brock is actually the Gym Leader of Pewter City and his forte is in using Rock-type Pokémon. In the Pokemon animation series, he left his position as Pewter City Gym Leader to travel with Ash Ketchum and his pokemon on his journey after Ash wins his first Kanto League Gym Badge from him. While Ash's dream is to be the best Pokemon Trainer, Brock aspires to be the best Pokémon Breeder.

In the Pokemon Anime, Brock is first seen taking care of his ten siblings. Ash initially loses to Brock in the Pokemon battle, however a stranger (later revealed to be Brock's father, Flint) offers to help make Ash's Pikachu stronger, by hooking Pikachu up to a local hydro-power station. For those who are less knowledgeable on Pokemon, lightning pokemon such as Pikachu are weak against rock type pokemon, which Brock is a trainer of. The stronger Pikachu is able to defeat Brock's Geodude, but not Onix. However, note that rock type pokemon are weak against water, and because Pikachu's previous electric attack had set off the sprinklers in the gym, Onix was weakened and was thus finally defeated. Ash declines the badge from Brock as he felt that the battle was not fair, but Brock eventually gives him the badge. Brock then joins Ash and Misty (I also introduced the Misty Pokemon Action Figure in my previous post on Ash and Misty Pokemon Action Figures) on their journey in the Pokemon filled world.

In some ways, it is interpreted by pokemon fans that Brock may be Ash's best and favourite friend, much like Ash and Pikachu (and perhaps Brock is Ash's favourite friend too). This can be seen as Brock has been seen with Ash in every season of Pokemon anime (except Season Two: Orange Islands when he is with a lady to be elaborated in more detail later). In most Pokemon episodes, Brock would guide Ash and make sure that he does not get into any danger. The two of them very rarely fight (though this can occur sometimes) and often team up to beat Team Rocket and other obstacles.

Out of all of Ash's friends, Brock is considered the most mature, wise, level-headed and intelligent (except when he meets girls that he is infatuated with, will explain more about this later!). He often acts as the older brother and caretaker, and will usually place others before him, supporting his friends in times of need and acting as the mediator when Ash and his team gets into arguments. He is also hardworking and ever willing to help others. One particular observation if you watch the Pokemon anime is that Brock rarely gets involved in Pokemon battles (maybe he is supposed to be just a Pokemon Breeder thats why) but do not forget that he was once a Gym Leader and thus knows much about Pokemon battle strategies.

In addition, Brock is very well-equipped and he always carries books and maps with him, acting as the navigator of the group. He also carries a lot of supplies, especially Pokemon food (Brock is skilled at making food for Pokémon and a good advantage of having Brock around is that he can cook too!) as well as potions, cookware and practical tools. Brock prepares food and does most of the chores for the traveling group. You can say that Brock plays a domestic role and would make a very good housewife, handling all the cooking and cleaning and taking very good care of all your Pokemon! I understand that most Pokemon anime fans actually find it disappointing that Brock only plays a small supporting role in the Pokemon animations and hence would like to see him take a bigger role in the series. Hopefully this can be achieved in the future. His role has always been supporting one , hence some fans find it disappointing and want him to take a more active role in the series.

Other than aspiring to be the best Pokémon Breeder, unknown to many people is Brock's other goal in life. Would you be able to guess what this goal is? It has nothing to do with Pokemon though, but you can get some hints when you see Brock being infatuated with some girl whom he meets on his travels and journeys with Ash. His other goal is actually to find a girlfriend! If you are an avid fan of Pokemon Anime, you would have seen many episodes where Brock makes advances on some new girl that he meets in that Pokemon anime episode. The final outcome is unfortunately usually either rejection or most of the times he is forced to make a retreat by Misty or Max (who will pull him away by the ear). Sometimes even Brock's Pokémon, Croagunk (I will intoduce him later in this post as Croagunk is one of the Pokemon Action Figures sold together with the Brock Pokemon Action Figure) will attack him with poison jab and pull him away.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there was one good (bad?) relationship which happened for Brock. In the Orange Islands series of the Pokemon anime, Brock leaves Ash and his team to join Professor Felina Ivy (Pokémon Professor from the Orange Islands). Later on, Brock is seen to return to Pallet Town when Ash wins the Orange League Championship. Brock refuses to explain why he left her, only that he would use this statement "Don't mention that name!" everytime someone asks about it. It would seem that it was a failed relationship though. The most common girls that we see Brock interacting with on the Pokemon show include the various Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, which interestingly Brock can differentiate based on his own distinct observations. He can even spot impostor Joys or fake Jennys instantly!

Once Brock has rejoined Ash and Misty, the group travels to Johto, and after the Silver Conference, Brock heads back to Pewter City where he discovers that his estranged mother Lola (a Water Pokémon Trainer) has ruined the reputation of his Gym by turning it into a Water-type gym. He defeats his mother to restore the Gym's reputation. Once again, Brock decides to go off, leaving all his Pokémon (except Forretress) to his younger brother Forrest, to Hoenn region to rejoin Ash and his two new friends, May and Max.

Croagunk Pokemon Action Figure

Croagunk is a dual-type Poison/Fighting Pokémon which evolves into Toxicroak from level 37. The Croagunk pokemon was most likely created based on the poison dark frog, since it is a frog that is able to use poison. It also has a white band around its waist and red and black markings on its hands and feet, similar to such poisonous frogs. The body of the Croagunk pokemon is dark blue in colour and it is a bipedal frog, which means that the frog moves by means of its two rear limbs or legs. Croagunk are a mischievous bunch of pokemon and they live in moist areas close to bodies of water. Looking at the frog, it looks a bit like a boxer as well, with its front limbs looking like they are gloved. The jutting bugs bunny teeth also make it appear that Croagunk is wearing a mouthguard. Hence you know why it is a fighting pokemon!

Croagunk's poison is actually found in its cheeks. This poison can be channelled to its fingers (especially when its middle finger glows purple) allowing it to poison opponents when they are stabbed. Croagunk can also possess the unique Dry Skin ability, which allows it to heal in the presence of water such as during rain or when Croagunk is hit by a Water-Type attack. Croagunk and its evolved pokemon form Toxicroak are the only Pokémon to have the Poison/Fighting type combination, and as such, they are the only Pokémon to have a double weakness to Psychic attacks and are the only Poison-types to have any double weakness. The strange connection between Brock and Croagunk is because Brock captured a Croagunk in the episode "Gymbaliar". Hence we often see Brock together with Croagunk.

Sudowoodo Pokemon Action Figure

Strangely, I tried searching for Sudowoo and it seemed that the correct spelling for this pokemon is Sudowoodo! Anyways, whatever it is, I am referring to the same pokemon! Sudowoodo is a Rock-type Pokémon which evolves from Bonsly. Sudowoodo looks like a log with legs; it has a brown, long log-shaped body with some yellow spots and short legs with toe-less feet. Sudowoodo has club shaped hands like tree branches that remain green year-round. The Sudowoodo pokemon pretends to be a plant, but strangely, it is afraid of water, and its make-up is closer to a rock than to a plant.

Sudowoodo, being a tree like pokemon, obviously can be found living in groups in the forests. By pretending to be trees, the Sudowoodo pokemon tries to blend in with their surroundings to avoid detection by predators. Unfortunately, Sudowoodo's camouflage fails during the winter as it's forearms remain green throughout the four seasons. Sudowoodo pokemons may thus migrate to the southern regions during the winter to avoid detection.

In terms of fighting abilities, Sudowoodo is known for Mimicking its opponents' attacks. As a Rock-type Pokémon, Sudowoodo is capable of a wide variety of Rock and Ground attacks such as Stone Edge and Earthquake. It can also learn Fighting-type attacks, such as Hammer Arm and Brick Break.

Brock did not catch a Sudowoodo Pokemon, but Brock's Sudowoodo actually evolved from Bonsly (in the episode Leave It To Brocko). If you ask me, Bonsly is so much cuter than Sudowoodo! Anyways, Bonsly was the only Pokémon caught by Brock in the Battle Frontier saga, in the episode "From Cradle to Save". Bonsly was like a baby which Brock took good care of by bottle-feeding Bonsly until it could eat solid food. Even more interestingly, in the Pokemon anime, Bonsly could be seen to occasionally take over from Max in getting Brock away from girls. Instead of pulling Brock's ear, Bonsly would hit him with a powerful Take Down attack! In an episode where Bonsly was captured by Team Rocket, the cute pokemon evolved into Sudowoodo to help free Brock and a Nuzleaf.

Sudowoodo is very different from Bonsly and instead of being needy and reliant on Brock's care, Sudowoodo is a very helpful pokemon to Brock. It would seem that it has grown from a baby Pokémon into an adult Pokémon, showing Brock's true talents as a Pokémon Breeder. Sudowoodo also interestingly likes to salute Brock like a soldier whenever he is released from a Pokeball.

Well this is really a long post talking about three unique pokemon and I hoped that you enjoyed it. If you are not interested to purchase Brock, Sudowoodo & Croagunk Pokemon Action Figures, you might want to perform a search on my pokemon action figures site to search for other Pokemon Action Figures, I am sure you would find some Pokemon Action Figures that you like! Well I sure am a big fan of pokemon, I cant stop buying pokemon action figures or pokemon plush figures and I cant stop talking about them too! Hope you enjoyed my post. And till next time on my Pokemon Action Figures Blog, take care and may you catch them all!

Brock, Sudowoodo & Croagunk Pokemon Action Figures

Jessie and James Pokemon Action Figures

Jessie and James Pokemon Action Figures
In my last most recent post, I have talked about the Ash and Misty Pokemon Action Figures. If you do not know who Ash and Misty are, it is best you visit my post to find out! In this next post on Pokemon Action Figures, I will be talking about another pair of famous characters who are now immortalised as Pokemon Action Figures. They are none other than the dynamic duo from Team Rocket, Jesse and James. Pity Meowth is not included as a pokemon action figure!

Jesse and James Pokemon Action Figures

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Jessie and James belong to Team Rocket and this is a Team Rocket 2 Pack Pokemon Action Figures. In Japanese, Jesse and James are known as Musashi & Kojiro (Jesse is Musashi and James is Kojiro, but I still prefer the names Jesse and James better). It seems that these pokemon action figures are imported from Asia and not sold in U.S. shops. I suppose the pokemon action figures are imported from Japan. It is also claimed that these action figures are at the "absolute lowest price on the planet for this impossible-to-find Pokemon 2-pack".

Jessie is a loudmouth who often abuses both James and Meowth and is the bigger brain of the group. She grew up in a poor foster family, and because her mother focused on missions from Team Rocket, this may be how she got involved in Team Rocket. On the other hand, James is whiny and submissive. He grew up in a rich household in Kanto, and he ran away from home after his parents tried to set him up in an arranged marriage. He exhibits more sensitivity and is more caring than Jessie, occasionally showing this through selfless acts. As for Meowth, it is a unique cat Pokémon with the ability to speak. In Japan there is this famous cat that supposedly is able to bring fortune. Meowth is also supposedly modeled after this Japanese fortune cat.

Team Rocket (also known as the Rocket Brigade) is an organization bent on world domination. This evil organisation is headed by Giovanni, and their overarching plan is to steal and exploit Pokémon for profit and power. Giovanni plays the same role in the Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen video games. It is claimed that he and Delia Ketchum (Ash's mother) were highly likely to be romantically involved as teenagers. This could mean that Giovanni may be Ash's biological father! This may be true since we do not see Ash's father in the animation series and Delia never told Ash about his father before.

In the Pokemon animation series, Team Rocket in the form of Jessie, James, and Meowth follow Ash Ketchum and his gang mainly to steal Ash's Pikachu (and various other Pokémon in almost every episode). Jessie and James are named after the infamous western outlaw, Jesse James. They constantly try to appease their boss Giovanni (who finds Jessie and James to be very incompetent) especially when they fail in their attempts to capture pokemon.

In many episodes, Jessie and James of Team Rocket successfully capture Ash's Pikachu, but they always end up being forced to release it back to Ash by the end of the episode. They use various disguises, traps, and schemes to trick Ash and his friends into a false sense of security. Ash and his Pokemon troupe are almost always fooled by these disguises , no matter how bizarre or obvious they are (I mean viewers can tell at one glance that it is Jessie or James in that disguise!). After being revealed as Team Rocket, Jessie, James (and Meowth) would then give their classic Team Rocket speech that rhymes and is catchy. This is known as the Team Rocket motto and in some episodes or movies the motto can change slightly but these are the standard lines:

Prepare for trouble!

Make it double!

To protect the world from devastation

To unite all peoples within our nation

To denounce the evils of truth and love

To extend our reach to the stars above



Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Meowth, dat's right!

(This is the part where Meowth chides in)

Anyways, Jessie and James always bungle up in their attempts, with the animation ending up with "Team Rocket is blasting off again" (usually after a thundershock attack by Pikachu). Needless to say Giovanni is frequently frustrated by the failures of Jessie, James and Meowth in their attempts at catching or stealing pokemon. However, you would be surprised that sometimes Jessie and James team up with or help Ash and his friends out when they are in common danger or a situation where working together benefits both parties.

Well after introducing Jessie and James as well as Team Rocket, hope that I piqued your interest to buy some Jesse and James Pokemon Action Figures! Do tune in next time for here at the Pokemon Action Figures blog where you can find your favourite Pokemon Action Figure!

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